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    I don't really like son names. I prefer James, Harris, etc to Jameson, Harrison, etc. From your lists, I love:


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    What if you compromise and use Jamison Merrick? That way both you and your husband have a name you absolutely love in the combo and it will still honor your dad with the JM initials. Good luck! =]
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    I second Jameson/Jamison Merrick! Here are some other ideas encase you decide to veto Merrick.

    Jameson Madoc
    Jameson Malachi
    John Malcolm
    John Marlowe

    Perhaps a double middle name?

    John Maverick Tennyson
    Jameson Michael Maverick
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    My last name is an Americanized version of Merrick. Merrick's were the people in wales who would light the torches on the hillside to warn the King the enemy was coming. I love the story behind this name. I think Jamison Merrick is amazing.

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    That is a really cool story behind the name Merrick! I really like Jameson Merrick. I also never thought to use the spelling Jamison- that is sort of nice!

    My only concern is that when I suggested using Merrick as a middle name, my husbands response was that it was great and he could just call him Merrick anyways! Is there really a point in using it as a middle if that is what he will be called?

    Man I hope we have a girl... Boys names are just to complicated!!

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