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    New And In Trouble!

    So, I could have sworn I just posted but I didnt see it in the forum anywhere, so here's my second try!

    I am new to nameberry. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in march, and we are SO excited, and anxiously awaiting his or her arrival! We won't find out the gender for another month or so, and while neither of us has a really strong preference, I am almost hoping for a girl just so that names are easier! We are pretty set on Cora Louisa.

    Boys names are a whole different story! We are on completely separate pages. I love classic 'well grounded' names, while my husband loves fresh and not often used names. We tend to agree most often on names that are just starting to be up and coming. To me they usually sound well established, and often are vintage, while to my husband they sound fresh.

    I am set on Jameson Michael. My dads middle name was michael and he had a three syllable 'j' name, so Jameson Michael is full of meaning for me. I also love literary names and so I love the fact that his nickname could be Jem like from to kill a mockingbird! I am trying to sell it to my husband based on the fact that he could get the nickname Ike (which he loves) from Michael. I think it could grow on him but right now he doesn't really love it.

    My husband LOVES Merrick and is pretty stuck on it. For no particular reason other than he just likes the sound. He also loves Conrad, Callen, and Maverick. Other names I love are Liam, Parker, Harrison and Tennyson. While neither of us necessarily 'hates' the others choices, we just don't love them.

    So we are in desperate need of help, because of this baby is a boy, we are in trouble!

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    Do you require that the middle name is Michael? The middle name slot is a good place to have a little fun with names. Here are my suggestions...

    Jameson Conrad- or Conrad Jameson
    Jameson Maverick
    Jameson Maxwell
    Conrad Alaric/Atticus
    Jasper Tennyson
    Elliot Hawthorne
    Atticus Parker

    Any jump out at you?
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    No it is not a requirement to have Michael as a middle. But I hope to honor my dad in some way. Weather it be using John or Michael or the initials JM. It is not a necessity but just would give it more meaning. If I fell in love with an amazing combo that didnt incorporate those things that would be fine too. It would just have to be extra amazing!

    I like Japser Tennyson but hubby vetoed Jasper long ago

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    There is a Scottish swimmer who competed in the Olympics and will probably compete in future ones called Michael Jamieson so I personally wouldn't go for Jameson Michael. Michael Jamieson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I really like Harrison though!

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    Funny you say that! The original combo we had was Jameson Parker. When I looked that up it said there was an author names Jameson Parker! Then I found Jameson Michael which I loved. The fact that michael jameson is a swimmer doesn't bother me much. Thanks for letting me know though! I love Harrison too but hubby is pretty against that one!

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