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    Rosemarie (Love nn Rose/Rosie, but my last name is pronounced although not spelled like a vegetable, and I hesitate on using a color name as a given first name because of that... A nickname would work fine though.) - not a fan
    Norah (Too sweet? Too common? Nora is approaching top 100) 0how about Elenor nn Nora>?
    Enora (A way to get to nn Nora, but much less common name)-see above!
    Verity ??? no.
    Beatrix (DH is not a big fan) Our dd will be named Beatrice if a girl due in 4 weeks!
    Elsalove. what about Ilsa?
    Clarissa (Again, DH is not a big fan)not a fan either
    Viveca (nn Vivi?)what about Vivian?
    Agnesnn could be aggie but that is close to annie?

    what about Violet,

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