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    Rosemarie (Love nn Rose/Rosie, but my last name is pronounced although not spelled like a vegetable, and I hesitate on using a color name as a given first name because of that... A nickname would work fine though.) - not a fan
    Norah (Too sweet? Too common? Nora is approaching top 100) 0how about Elenor nn Nora>?
    Enora (A way to get to nn Nora, but much less common name)-see above!
    Verity ??? no.
    Beatrix (DH is not a big fan) Our dd will be named Beatrice if a girl due in 4 weeks!
    Elsalove. what about Ilsa?
    Clarissa (Again, DH is not a big fan)not a fan either
    Viveca (nn Vivi?)what about Vivian?
    Agnesnn could be aggie but that is close to annie?

    what about Violet,

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    Annika and Vivica too similar.

    Annika and Nora
    Annika and Elsa
    Annie and Trixie (Beatrix). How cute is that last one!!!!

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    I meant to say that it's important the girls names sound good together (people tend to group their boys and girls together when talking about them eg max and theo and Annie and Trixie). Loving Annie and Trixie!!

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