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    It's a GIRL! Name help, please!

    Whoo hoo! It's a girl!!!!
    Now comes the fun of names!

    Along with many others, I am looking for a name that is sassy and unusual, but not 'out-there'.

    My other children are -
    Maxwell (Max), Annika (Annie), and Theodore (Theo).

    So far, my working list includes -

    Rosemarie (Love nn Rose/Rosie, but my last name is pronounced although not spelled like a vegetable, and I hesitate on using a color name as a given first name because of that... A nickname would work fine though.)
    Norah (Too sweet? Too common? Nora is approaching top 100)
    Enora (A way to get to nn Nora, but much less common name)
    Beatrix (DH is not a big fan)
    Clarissa (Again, DH is not a big fan)
    Viveca (nn Vivi?)


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