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    Where do you draw the line in naming?

    I have been reading posts on baby name message boards for years, and one thing that I often see is people saying things like I love a name but my sister/cousin/neighbor/coworker/friend/someone you know/etc used it or something close to it. My question is, where do you draw the line when it comes to picking names? Does the popularity or rarity of the name factor into your decision? (Ex. would you be more likely to reuse Elizabeth over something more unusual like Lilibeth?)

    Personally, I would never use the same name or even an extremely close name to ones that my siblings have used for their children. But my DH and I do have the name Isadora on our list even with a niece who has the middle name Isabella... Also, I wouldn't use the same exact name that a cousin or close friend used; however, I would use a similar name. For example, if my cousin named her daughter Madison, I would still use Madeleine. Personally, I wouldn't care at all what my neighbors, coworkers, or distant friends/acquaintances named their children because those people often come and go.

    I began wondering this when a girl who I knew in high school (but was never friends with) recently had a baby and I LOVE the first name they chose. It made be begin thinking if I could still someday use the name or if everyone else would see that as wrong. The name is on the rarer side (out of the top 1000) which does make it trickier. We aren't planning on TTC #2 until next summer, but I can't get the name out of my head!!
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    I don't think I would use it, but may reconsider if this name is my favorite or name is THE name.
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    Hmm...I know close relatives whose names have only one different letter (like Cornelia and Cordelia) and they are fine. I wouldn't use the exact names that are already in the family but that's pretty only certain rule.

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    I think it is fine. In my family we have people with the same name ( my brother David, my cousin David) it has never been a problem. I wouldn't try to name my children after my cousin's name but if I truly loved it my family wouldn't care. I also would not care if family members, close friends, or anybody used the name I chose. But it depends on the situation, you always check to see if its fine.
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    I would definitely use the name as a mn or similar name as a fn. If the person is distant (not a close friend or relative), I would consider using the actual name as a fn if I truly loved it. Personally I think people get a little too territorial about names. Of course you don't want to go around "copying" everyone, but unless they made the name up, that name has been used before and should be considered free to the public.
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