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Thread: Florence?

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    I don't really like Flora but Florence is superb. So many cute nicknames (Flossie, Nancy, Ren, Renee) appealing full form and the place is absolutely fantastic. I am sure Florence is as wonderful as similar names Beatrice, Lettice, Alice, Berenice, Candace, Clemence...
    Florence Nightingale is a great namesake, by the way.
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    Florence is one of the most common girl names where I live, in only the past few days I think I've met ten different girls named Florence between my house and the park. So it's easy for me to imagine on a little girl. All the ones I've met (and I know one too) are blonde, polite and pretty.
    I think it's a beautiful name, yes it is a place name as well, but only in English. Florence means "blossoming" which is a lovely meaning, and it's got a very long use as a given name. The names it derives from (Florentius and Florentina) are not place names, they come from the Latin word floreo (to blossom).
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    I love Florence! It's such a spunky name. I also love Flora—it sounds similar to Florence but it's sweeter and gentler. However, Florence is a wonderful name as well.
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    I really love Florence but I think it's a little too frilly as a first name but that's just my opinion. I have the combination Violet Ada Florence on my list.

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    I'm a really big fan of Place names and I was looking into Florence recently as well.
    (I got inspired by someone who wanted to use Florrie as a name on the forums)
    I want to love the name as I think it is feminine without being frilly, though it is a little old fashion for my tastes.
    However, it was very popular back in the days so can easily make a comeback in reverence of an ancestor or just as a familiar enough vintage name.

    It may even be another Beatrice (a name which I deeply despised as I think of the 'Golden Girls' and nursing home generation) which is making a comeback (due in part to some book) *shudders*. Slightly sad I'm convincing myself to like it as I will probably be meeting a whole lot of younger Beatrice's in my lifetime.

    I was looking into Florence as a less-popular alternate to Paris, but then I thought is Florence relevant in the modern age?
    Florence and the Machine have made a splash on the scene, so I was thinking maybe it may be another Adele.
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