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Thread: Florence?

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    Inspired by today's blog post, I started think about F names that I like. Florence is a name that I am on the fence about. I think it has a lovely, feminine sound and plus it has the great nickname option of Ren! I wonder though if it is too weak-sounding or too old-fashioned. What do you berries think? Does Florence have enough substance? Would you find it weird to meet a little girl named Florence or would it be a delightful surprise? Also, if you feel like it, I would love to know how you picture a person named Florence.

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    I really, really dislike Florence. I don't like place names, but even more than that, it just doesn't sound pretty. On the other hand, I adore Flora. It is so much more feminine and sweet.

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    I don't mind Florence, and Ren is cute, but I love Flora. Just Flora.

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    I think Florence is gorgeous - yes, it is substantial, and I'd love to meet a baby Florence
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    No, I don't care for Florence. The nn Flo is too obvious and unappealing, and it just seems old to me - not 'vintage' but old lady. I mostly think of Florence Henderson. Like the others, though, I love Flora.

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