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    New Jersey
    I like Cordelia but I adore Ophelia!

    I knew an Ophelia at college - Her family called her Lee or Leelee but all of her friends called her Fee.

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    Cordelia (evidenced by my signature!)

    I think she does best with single syllable mn, though there are a few two-syllables that work well if the stress is on the second syllable:
    Cordelia Hope
    Cordelia Grace
    Cordelia Ann/e
    Cordelia Rose
    Cordelia Elaine
    Cordelia Rene/e
    Cordelia Fern
    Cordelia Margo/t
    Cordelia Bette
    Cordelia Cosette
    Mommy to one amazing Allegra Valentine, born May 2014.

    Current name crushes: Daphne, Allegra, Rosalie, Minerva, Alistair, Jules, Ellington, Caspar

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    Cordelia for me.
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    Rosemary, Ivy, Juniper
    Fox, Griffin

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    Ophelia is my preference.
    OPhelia (ollie would be a cute nn)
    Ophelia Mae
    Ophelia June*
    Ophelia Jillian
    Ophelia Soleil*
    Ophelia Jezebel
    Ophelia Dawn*
    *=my favorite combos

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    SInce I'm a mom the first thing I think about is if my chld would be teased for the name. This rules out ophelia hands down. Cordelia is not a bad name.

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