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    I love them both. I think Ophelia is prettier, but I'd also be afraid to use it in real life because of the potential for "feel-ya" jokes. . . .

    I'd probably have Ophelia Elizabeth or Cordelia Pearl, or vice versa. I like something conservative with them, for balance.
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    Ophelia. The name is stunning, and the character in the Shakespeare play is so interesting and amazing. Cordelia's got a boring drawling sound, and the character is in my top ten most annoying people ever created, every time I see King Lear I want to scratch my eyes out. Ugh.

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    Gwen; who did you play? I've been Regan in King Lear and Ophelia herself in Hamlet .
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    I prefer Cordelia. I like the sound, and the many nicknames that come with it. The only downside is the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by Charisma Carpenter.
    Ophelia is very pretty, but I can't help but think of Shakespeare's character.

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    Ophelia by far. The sound, the look, the imagery, the connection. Everything is perfect. If you don't mind the tragic twist to her character, I think it's a beautiful name <3
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