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    Ophelia vs Cordelia

    Which do you prefer? And what middles would you pair them with?

    *No poll, just want to hear people's opinions!

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    Oh, I love Cordelia! It is vintage, sweet, and dainty. My favorite kind of name. Ophelia is more exotic. I personally don't care for it at all.

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    I can't quite choose. I guess Ophelia, because she's a slightly more interesting character and I love the ph- sound. But I love the sounds of both.

    Coincidentally, I've played siblings of both the Shakespeare characters. So I guess that might subconsciously make me prefer Ophelia...
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    They are both lovely...If to take just names, I slightly prefer Cordelia because I don't like Ophelia'a "oph" sound very much and Cordelia is also similar to DD's name. But Ophelia as a characters appeals better to me.

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    Ophelia is vastly more beautiful than Cordelia, to me - Cordelia has that harsh "cord" syllable. Ophelia is dainty and elegant, but also strong. It's one of my favorite names.
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