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    Lightbulb Sibling for Gavin

    Suggest girl & boy sibling names for big brother Gavin!! My current favorites are in my signature, although I am looking to expand my list and add some new names! Our surname is Wright, so it needs to sound good with that as well. Thanks!
    Mommy to one little prince (Gavin Miller)

    Hoping to TTC #2 sometime in the near future w/ my wonderful fiancé.

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    I have a friend expecting a boy and she also has a son named Gavin. Liam was my first though for a brother, followed by Ethan and Logan and Gabriel.

    Gabriella would be a good choice for a girl name. I agree with all the girl names in the post before me
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    From the suggestions above..for the girls..

    Zoe-I really am starting to fall for this one.
    Natalie-this is cute, but is it too outdated?
    Maya-short and spunky, I like this.
    Savannah-I like this.
    Bailey-cute, but is it too trendy right now?
    Avery-cute, but not sure.
    Gabriella/Gabrielle-Gavin and Gabrielle/Gabriella..not sure how I feel about the same first initials.

    NMS/Can't use for one reason or another
    Daphne-Too Scooby Doo
    Alexis-I know too many.
    Lauren-my cousins name, so unusable.
    Alyssa-sounds too 90's
    Ivy-not into the nature names.
    Charlotte-Don't like the nickname Charlie, and also really popular where I live right now.
    Stella-I know a horse with this name.

    From the suggestions above for the boys..

    Already on my list:

    Xavier -although I'm kind of leery of the X as a first initial!
    Ethan is OK, not sure I would use it though.
    Donovan, I do like this name, but I don't like the nicknames that are commonly used along with it.
    Owen -although the W in the first and last name might clash too much?
    Keegan -I do like this one.

    NMS/Can't use for one reason or another
    Collin-NMS, too Twilight.
    Gabriel - too feminine sounding for my liking.
    Logan - I have a cousin with this name, I do like it, but unusable.
    Vincent -Brother in law has a son named Vincent, so this is unusable as well.
    Solomon - NMS
    Noah -Fiance has a cousin by this name.
    Wyatt -too much W with our last name (Wright)
    Peyton -I have always had trouble pronouncing this name, so I could never use it, although I do like it..more so for a girl though.
    Isaiah -too much of a mouthful
    Isaac-friend with this name, unusable.
    Joel-too feminine
    Samuel-too "old man" sounding for me.
    Theodore-don't like the nickname Teddy or Ted.

    Any other new suggestions/thoughts would really be appreciated, I'm at a stand still.
    Mommy to one little prince (Gavin Miller)

    Hoping to TTC #2 sometime in the near future w/ my wonderful fiancé.

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