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    Vivienne Grey is perfection! I am not a fan of Philippa at all but I love Winter!
    I also don't like Felicity- but I vastly prefer it to Philippa. Felicity Winter is nice. I would love Vivienne and Primrose... But a word middle wouldn't work. Maybe Primrose Felicity? Vivi and Prim. So sweet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by linguaphile View Post
    Yeah, not really intended to be a theme! Our other family middles are just a bit boring, IMO--nothing that really goes with our choices except maybe Whitt, which is interesting but may be too choppy with out last name (rhymes with Gates). Winter just is a friend'd namesake instead of a family member, but I've always loved it and would be a little sad to see it go!

    Alexandra Whitt and Vivienne Gray do go together, though.
    So it still has personal significance, then—I think that's fine! Whitt is not as "cool" as Gray. And I don't like Lexi and Vivi nearly as much as Pippa and Vivi!

    Philippa Winter and Vivienne Gray all the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlemrsb View Post
    So it still has personal significance, then—I think that's fine! Whitt is not as "cool" as Gray. And I don't like Lexi and Vivi nearly as much as Pippa and Vivi!

    Philippa Winter and Vivienne Gray all the way.
    I'm with LittleMrsB. I think Winter is much cooler than Whitt and the color Grey and Winter both have a cool, steally quality which makes them go nicely together on top of both being meaningful. I like Whitt a lot but I think I'd keep is as a mn option for a boy. Something like Theodore Whitt makes much more sense to me that Philippa Whitt or Alexandra Whitt.

    I'm still a huge fan of your original combo Philippa Winter and Vivienne Gray.
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    One thing to think about is that you won't be using their middle names on a regular basis, so do you love "Phillipa" and "Vivienne" as much as you love Phillipa Winter and Vivienne Grey? Do they evoke that same feeling for you? They are, as everyone has said, stunning combos, but it's very rare people will even know the girls' middle names, and even less often they'll get referred to by it.

    I had this issue somewhat with my lil doodle-bug. Winifred Calla Seraphine sounded so magical, sweet, and whimsical to my ears, like a character in a fairy tale. But Winifred by itself is more serious, bookish, clunky. I think it's strange and rare enough in form that it sounds very refreshing on a little girl, but it will never be as light and ethereal as the full name.

    That said, Phillipa Winter is perfection.

    I know quite a few little Vivienne's so it's less surprising to hear, but still a most wondrous name.

    I happen to personally prefer Felicity over both names, but they're all great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linguaphile View Post
    DH and I have, for the most part, settled on calling our twin girls Philippa Winter and Vivienne Gray (Pip/Pippa and Vivi for short), but with our induction date looming less than 2 weeks away, I'm getting cold feet. We originally wanted something classic and interesting--out of the top 100--that wouldn't date quickly. I'm just not sure we've accomplished that with the names we've got. Are our choices too trendy?

    Should we be looking for something different and be a little gutsier with our choices? Any suggestions (even out-of-the-box ones) are really welcome. Names like Primrose, Seren, Zara and Persis have been on our list at some point or another, so I'm open to ideas! Thinking Zara and Persis could make an interesting combo, but maybe that's one limb too far?

    Opening the floor to suggestions, so feel free hit me with your best shot!
    I love the name Vivienne Grey, that's stunning and even though Philippa isn't a favourite of mine I really like the combination Philippa Winter. I love how she sounds with Vivienne Grey. They sound brilliant together!! I think your simply having cold feet and you should go with your choice of Philippa & Vivienne. The only name I would change is Philippa keep the Winter middle name and still have the same style of unusual classic.
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