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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I think you've chosen two absolutely beautiful names, they sound like fairytale princesses. I don't have any suggestions right now, but I'll be back when I've put baba in bed.
    Thanks, and looking forward to your suggestions--always love your name ideas!

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    I love Zara (we have friends who have a baby named this altho spelt Zahra). I also like Seren

    i dont think your choices would be classed as Trendy. More classical, whimsical, formal. I think they are nice- uncommon but not weirdly unheard of names- and you have more adventure in the middle .. so i think you hit the mark on what you set out to find- if thats still what you want!

    Other names i think are similar style would be Madeline, Rosemary, Elizabeth, Scarlett, Annalise, Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Constance, Cordelia, Amelia, Lillian, Juliet, Diana, Helena, Guinevere, Beatrice - i could really keep on going

    If you do end up changing your mind I think Zara goes with sister names like Verity, Juno, Alice, Ivy, most other 2 syllable names...

    I also like Seren with Gwynth, Ione and Maeve

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    I don't think Philippa and Vivienne are trendy at all. I see them as classics that have never had a massive peak at any time and so aren't dated to any time period - Isabella and Sophia are classics that are currently peaking but Philippa and Vivienne have never been massively high in ranking. The middle names are maybe a little more trendy, both being word names, but they work beautifully as combos. Pip/Pippa and Vivi are cute, spunky nicknames and I think you've definitely hit the mark you were aiming for with these. I really feel you don't need to worry, you've named them perfectly based on what you wanted to achieve with your names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I really love your combos of Philippa Winter (Pipa) and Vivienne Gray (Vivi). (I personally prefer Phillipa to Philippa but really that's splitting hairs).
    I love that there is a kind of symmetry to the names, esp. with the current spelling of Philippa, that is immediately obvious and that still allows each name to shine as an independent little star.

    I don't think that they the combo's sound trendy and esp once you drop the mn for every day use they come across as very classic, distinguished and elegant. I actually think that Zara is trendier. (Though basically anything with a prominent Z, X, Y or combo there-of strikes me as a potential "unique"-star at the moment). I do remember you really loving Zara as an alternative to Philippa and would probably suggest coming up with a complete second set of name that you think are more daring. That way you have them in your back-pocket and once you meet your girls you can figure out which set suits them better. It will probably help ease your mind over the next two weeks, and it gives you (and us) something fun to do while you wait for your water to break.

    Did you want to keep the same mn? Or were you going to switch them up as well?
    Zara Winter
    Zara Eleanor

    Isis Gray (check out how different this is from Zara but has a very similar letter pattern. Pretty cool huh?)
    Isis Jane

    Minerva Gray
    Minerva Mae

    Metis Gray (Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Mother of Athena - her name is so rarely used it's never even really brought up on NB.)
    Metis Viola

    My favorites of these would be Zara and Metis. (Zara Eleanor & Metis Viola)
    I like them together because they are both short and pithy but with very different sounds.
    Thanks for the ideas. Middles are up for discussion, so I'd just be looking for a more daring pair that really worked well together. As you say, good to have something to do while the wait for labour is on!

    For the suggested alternative pair, what about something like, say, Zara Constance and Persis Alexandra?

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    I think you have chosen beautiful names that work well together and are not that common.

    Philippa and Vivienne are gorgeous and nicely balanced.

    Zara and Persis would make an interesting combo but they don't sound nearly as beautiful as the names you have chosen.
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