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    Questions about Juliet

    We are expecting baby girl #2 in the fall and have yet to decide on a name. We really like the name Juliet, but have a few concerns. We are hoping that the naming experts out there might be able to assist:

    1. Is it realistic to prohibit nicknames for Juliet? It's a three syllable name and we know a few Julies and Juliannes so we don't want her to be called Julie, Jules or Juju. Are there any other possible nicknames for Juliet?

    2. Suggestions for middle names?

    3. Other name suggestions? We liked the name Clara quite a bit but are now trying to avoid an over abundance of /k/ sound names in our family.

    Thank you!

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    1. Prohibiting nicknames is more or less impossible and a little controlling. You picked the name. As soon as she's in the outside world, it's her choice what to do with it. And for some people (read: me), if they don't have a nickname, they probably don't like you. Even if you're Claire or Sara or something else that's 'nickname proof': Claire is now Claira, Clairabelle, Clairina... Sara became Sare-Bear. Nicknames are great!
    2. Juliet Anne is one I love. Juliet May, Juliet Claire/Blair, Juliet Amelia
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    One nickname I've heard for Juliet is Jet. Definitely tomboyish, if you like that. With our daughter Amelia most people follow our lead and call her by her full name but, once she's older, it will be for her to decide whether or not she wants to go by a nickname instead. We accept that there's only so much we can control, but so far so good.

    Juliet Arabella
    Juliet Erin
    Juliet Ivy
    Juliet Mirabelle
    Juliet Clara
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    I know a few Julie/Julias that simply go by "Ju" which they each pronounce less like "jew" and more like "jyou" if that makes sense
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    I knew a Juliette who went by the nickname Etta.

    You could select a middle name that begins with J and use the nickname JJ. Juliet Jane and Juliet Joy are pretty.

    I also like:

    Juliet Wren
    Juliet Sage
    Juliet Faye
    Juliet Hope

    Other possibilities (thinking of short, 3 syllable names)

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