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    Inspiring Heroic men of Valor

    I thought we had a mutual plan with at least 3 solid names selected for 3 sons. I guess my zest for names may have gotten ahead of my communication skills because when I replayed the names by my husband he wasn't convinced or even excited about several of "our" names that were really my I feel a little discouraged...but I am hoping to gain some new ideas from berries who are equally as excited about here are some of our requirements:

    But first the name we have always agreed on for our first son:Peter Barnabas Daniel (I have had Peter picked literally since I was 2, Barnabas is his fave, Daniel honors all the men I love the most including dh, my dad, and brother)

    Here are the names I thought we loved equally:first names Rafael, Zephan (not ever Zephaniah), then some middles I love: Jamison (honors dh), and Garrison (for my beloved Uncle), August, Lewis (dh. Kind of likes this one).

    Back to requirements:
    Meaning is highly rated. We are Christians so names that reflect our values are very important. We will likely love a name almost as much for the meaning as the sound.

    We love adventuresome names but not Western names like Wyatt. By adventuresome I mean that I would be willing to use a word like Courage, Valor, or Honor for a mn. We want to raise sons that are willing fight for people less fortunate and who are not afraid of challenges and we want their names to be strong and reflect this nature. Dh is not quite sure about word names, this is a little out of his comfort zone. I think dh might go for a name like Lewis after C.S. Lewis and a missionary friend of my family though.

    Dh seems to like Greek, Hebrew, and English names for boys example: Barnabas.

    No unisex names. even a name like Elliot that rides the fence is out.

    Dh does not go for nature names for boys or girls, don't know why but he always crosses those off. Just not his favorite.

    Names I love but cannot talk him into...Edmond because I adore Narnia, Caspian (likewise), Eben, Henry

    So thoughtful berries any thoughts? Boys names are so much harder for me. Thank you! I am looking forward to your help!

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    That is a lot to put out there for a name!! I am a fan of August, though

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    Jackson (very popular/trendy though)
    Solomon (nn Sol)
    Abraham or Abram
    Caleb and Andrew are names that mean "brave"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimiottawa View Post
    Jackson (very popular/trendy though)
    Solomon (nn Sol)
    Hart Heart is on our girl list
    Arthur dh says maybe
    Leo would need something longer Leopold reminds me of a rifle scope..
    Reuben possibly
    Dare...not the vein we're thinking
    Dash trying to think about the image this evokes, not sure?
    Abraham or Abram...this is on our long list I just am not sure if I love it
    Caleb and Andrew are names that mean "brave"
    dh doesn't go for Caleb, have an Andrew in the family

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    Thanks mimiottawa dh says Reuben can go on the long list!

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