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    Leonie- so sweet and feminine. Love it.
    Iris- love the flower name, it's familiar but not common
    Elodie- feels younger and fresher
    Aurelia- neither are really my style, but I would tire of the pronunciation issues between "loosha" and "loo-cee-ya"
    Callista- nn Callie would be cute
    Beatrix- guilty pleasure name for me. It's cute and feels classic.

    Good luck!
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    Leonora -- I like Lenore best though :P
    Ivy -- then Iris second
    Lucia -- I love them both but Lucia slightly more
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    Leonie or Leonora - I chose spunk over frills.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris - Iris and Ivy were close. Isla is far behind them.
    Edith or Elodie - A vintage gem.
    Lucia or Aurelia - I love both names so it can down to meaning. "Light" wins over "golden".
    Aurora or Callista - I'm not a fan of the r's in Aurora. It's a difficult name to say.
    Beatrix or Imogen - This was a tough one because I like both names. It finally came down to the meaning and Beatrix won!
    All the best,

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    Leonie >Leonora: I prefer the meaning of Leonie, but Leonie seems more childish than Leonora. Prefer Leontine nn. Leonie.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris: I've recently adored Iris. Very beautiful and simple. Then I prefer Ivy. Sounds more like initials than a name. Prefer Ivory nn. Ivy. or Inverness nn. Ivy. Then I like Isla. I never understood the appeal. The spelling and pronunciation is difficult and needs to be taught and it just doesn't sound good to me.
    Edith or Elodie: Edith as it sounds more established than Elodie.
    Lucia or Aurelia: Aurelia for the meaning and sound. Lucia can be pronounced 2 different ways. I prefer the lou-see-ah pronunciation.
    Aurora or Callista: Again, I prefer the meaning. Callista sounds heavier and will likely become Callie or Allie.
    Beatrix or Imogen: Imogen sounds prettier and feels more mature than Beatrix to me.

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