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    Leonora - I adore Leo- names, but Leonie has always felt too cutesy and insubstantial to me.
    Isla - Yeah, it's a bit trendy, but Iris feels frumpy and Ivy sounds spoiled.
    Elodie - I can't see Edith ever transcending the clunky grandma-ness.
    Aurelia - These don't feel similar to me at all and I quite like both, but I like Aurelia slightly better because of the sound, meaning, and species of jellyfish.
    Aurora - Love both, but Aurora feels younger and more exuberant.
    Beatrix - I've just never been able to like the sound and look of Imogen. Beatrix has just the right balance of strength, aesthetic appeal and spunk.
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    Leonie - I just think this is a fantastic name.
    Iris - Iris has just the right balance between regular name and nature name to me. Ivy is more of a plant and less of a name. Isla is beautiful, but I'll probably like it more in 10 years when it doesn't feel like it must have been inspired by an actress.
    Edith - I'm biased towards retro revivals over foreign imports, and I find the -th ending and the nickname Edie really appealing.
    Lucia or Aurelia - Not a huge fan of either, but the Oral sound in Aurelia tips the balance towards Lucia for me.
    Aurora or Callista - Both a little fantastical for me, but I'd probably take Callista for the nickname Callie.
    Beatrix or Imogen - I'm pretty sure I drove another mother nuts about a year ago by repeatedly mishearing her daughter Beatrix's name as I'm tempted to think this would be one of the more annoying corrections to have to make on a regular basis. If people get it right though, Beatrix is beautiful. And so is Imogen.

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    Leonie or Leonora? I like Leonora better, purely because you could use the nickname Nora.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris? I like Ivy the best, but I wouldn't be able to use it because we already have an Ivy in my family. In which case, I'd choose Iris.
    Edith or Elodie? Melody is one of my favorites, so I'd be inclined to choose Elodie because it rhymes - although I don't like either that much.
    Lucia or Aurelia - I like Lucia better.
    Aurora or Callista - I don't think these two are that similar...But I'd choose Aurora.
    Beatrix or Imogen - Again, they're not that similar. But I'd choose Imogen.
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    Leonie or Leonora... Leonora, I think it strikes a great balance of fitting in but standing out. Don't like the sound of Leonie, prefer Leona instead.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris... Iris, definitely!
    Edith or Elodie... Edith, not in love with it, but Edie is great. Really don't like Elodie.
    Lucia or Aurelia... Lucia, though I think you could easily keep them both. They would make gorgeous sisters!
    Aurora or Callista... Callista, but again, I think you could keep both and they would sound beautiful together.
    Beatrix or Imogen... Beatrix, and ditto the last two...
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