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    Leonie or Leonora--I just don't like nickname-sounding names.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris--So pretty.
    Edith or Elodie--Edith still sounds too old-ladyish to me.
    Lucia or Aurelia--My favorite!
    Aurora or Callista--Love this name.
    Beatrix or Imogen--I don't really care for either.

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    Iris (all 3 are great, though!)
    Lucia, though Aurelia's great

    Between Aurelia and Aurora, Aurelia wins for me.

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    Leonie: Very pretty and sweet, could be a kid or an adult while Leonora sounds older and is hard to picture on a baby,kid or even teenager.
    Ivy: I LOVE this one!! One of my favorite names. The others are great, too, but this one is by far my favorite!
    Elodie: So much sweeter and more youthful than Edith. Edith is feels like an older lady's name to me, sorry!
    Lucia: Aurelia is beautiful, too, but I have a soft spot for Lucia. Both gorgeous names!
    Aurora: I'm not a huge fan of Calista, and I love the nn potential of Rory or Rora.
    Beatrix: I don't really care for either name, but Beatrix has a prettier sound IMO. I prefer Beatrice though.


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    Leonie or Leonora - Leonora - agree with pp's that then you have nn options of Leonie and Nora. My fave tho is Lenore.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris - close call. I like Isla best though. Not a big nature name girl.
    Edith or Elodie - Elodie. Edith is sweet but not soft enough for me.
    Lucia or Aurelia - Lucia (prn loo-SEE-uh). like both though.
    Aurora or Callista - not a big fan of these two. prob would chose Aurora.
    Beatrix or Imogen - really like both, I would prob use Imogen before Beatrix though.
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