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    Leonie or Leonora
    Neither, tbh, but I guess Leonora cause like someone said that leaves Leonie open as a nn
    Ivy or Isla or Iris
    Ivy, but I love Isla too! Iris is just part of the eye afaic
    Edith or Elodie
    Edith, but Esther over both
    Lucia or Aurelia
    Aurelia! Sounds like an Auror from Harry Potter
    Aurora or Callista
    And yet, for this one I say Callista I don't like the 'ror' sound, like in Rory or Aurora.
    Beatrix or Imogen
    Imogen. Sounds like Imagine
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    Leonora. Beautiful and not nicknamey at all.
    Isla. Seems the least "harsh," though none of them are really harsh at all.
    Edith. Very cute and ready for a comeback.
    Lucia. I found this one difficult (like others)! I went with Luci because it has more sentimental value to me. Although Aurelia does as well!
    Aurora. Sleeping Beauty! Plus this one just sounds wonderful. Very soft and makes me think of the northern lights.
    Beatrix. Cute. And I don't like Imogen at all....don't get the obsession with that one!
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    Leonie - I really like this name, it's cute and spunky, while still being classic and underused
    Isla or Iris - I had to put both, both of these names are in my Top 5, they both have something special about them imo.
    Elodie - Pretty
    Aurelia - Lucia is a beautiful name too, but I just would love to meet a little Aurelia
    Aurora - By far this name is so beautiful! And I love the meaning.
    Imogen - I picked this b/c I only like Beatrix spelled Beatrice.

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    Leonie or Leonora - I prefer Leonora, but honestly I think you could use Leonie as a nn for Leonora so it's kind of a moot point.
    Ivy or Isla or Iris - I love both Ivy and Iris, which I'd pick would depend on the situation. I think given your other names I'd say Iris for you.
    Edith or Elodie - I'm not very fond of either, but I think I'd go with Elodie if I had to pick
    Lucia or Aurelia - Lucia. I don't get a good vibe from Aurelia.
    Aurora or Callista - Callista. I don't like the.....wah-wah-ness of Aurora.
    Beatrix or Imogen - Beatrix. I just love it. Though I don't see how these are all that similar.
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