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    Thanks for the help guys!

    liviajoan: I like Lennox, but I'm afraid people will associate it with dinnerware. Am I crazy? I'll add it for now. I also like: Knox, Wyatt

    emilyva: I flirted with Dylan for awhile, but ultimately decided that I didn't love it enough to overcome its popularity. :/ I like: Sebastian, Orion, Conan, Cedric, Atlas
    I had no idea that Lennox was a dinnerware; I always associated it as a place name. I think I like Lenox better, maybe. Lennox kind of reminds me of a hybrid of Lennon and Knox!

    Also I know like 20 Dylan's and only like 2 Dillon's. I prefer the traditional, Gaelic spelling. But I agree, its super popular, especially for 90s-2000s.

    Sebastian, Orion, Cedric, Atlas, Felix, Atticus, and Milo are so adventurous; I love them!
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