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    Oh, well if he chose the first name then you're allowed to have the middle. If this is truly the name you love, then try to get him to love it too. I'd avoid speaking about his grandmother's name though . . .

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    Just bring up the positives about the name you are excited about and avoid anything that isn't related to it. Keep it simple. "I love the name ... because it is ..."


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    It seems like your husband is trying to dominate the naming process, or at least being unfair. I would make it clear that you have strong feelings about the name you picked, why, and that you're just not feeling his pick.

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    Once we both agreed on a name we decided to stick with it, I really loved the first name and he really loved the middle!

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    I think that listing reasons why you didn't want to honor his grandma is probably a bad idea. Now the subject has been brought up so anything you suggest might just bring that to mind for him. Maybe take a name-talk break for a few weeks if you have a lot of time left? Maybe consider a double middle & tack grandma's name on the end? If you're open to that you can lay it on thick and tell him all about how you usually don't like honor names, but because it's so meaningful to him it would mean so much to you, ect.

    Our naming process is very much- I suggest, he rejects, and it isn't fun, especially for a pregnant person. My only other advice would be to present him with long lists and add names as soon as they come to you rather than pushing for specific names that you're very attached to & giving fewer options. Than continue adding your few favorites to new lists, even if he vetoed them already. They might become more likable to him the more familiar they become.

    Good luck!

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