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    I think it would be just fine. I had a friend growing up who had a maiden name as a middle, her name was Rebecca Hi!!ier and I loved it. However, I like Murphy so much, I might be tempted to see if I could save as a first for a boy. Either way, it is fine!

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    I really like the name Murphy, and I think it would be lovely as a middle name for your daughter. My second middle name is my mother's maiden name, and I love it. It's actually quite a masculine name, but my first two names are very feminine so I think it works well.

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    I think that it's fine, however..
    I do like the PP that suggested two middle names as well. Adding a SUPER girlie name to what you already have would be cute, if the first name you have picked is not already. And also, IF you like the two middle name thing.

    If her first name is going to be really girly, and not a masculine or unisex name that might confuse others when she gets in school etc.. I think you're good to go! :] I'm always fond of family names for middle names, whether first, middle or last.
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    Love it! Love the idea of incorporating a maiden name or any family last name as a middle name. It's a good one too

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