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    Murphy as Middle Name?

    I was wondering what you think of Murphy as a middle name for a girl. Murphy is my maiden name and I wanted to incorporate it in our daughter's name. It flows nicely with the name we've decided on and our last name. Thoughts?

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    I think using your maiden name in the middle is always ok, no matter what the name. Especially if it flows well with the rest of the name. I would just choose a more feminine first name rather than unisex so that there is no confusion.

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    Agree with PP.

    But that being said, my MIL's maiden name is Murphy and I used it as a middle name for my 1st son.
    Great name - fun and spunky with some family/historical significance thrown in for good measure!

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    I'd probably save it for my next child and hope that it was a boy. I understand wanting to use a maiden name as a middle but I'm not a fan of using masculine sounding names on girls, even if it is a family name.
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    I think it'd be fine in the middle, and I'm glad you want to honor your side of the family--I love seeing maiden names get passed along.

    Were I in your shoes I might do two middles, though, just because it'd be nice to be able to call her, say, Clara Lillian instead of Clara Murphy when I'm feeling fond or frustrated. So I'd do something like Clara Lillian Murphy Anderson. Something in the format of Clara Murphy Anderson is a fine choice, I just like the option of 2 middles.

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