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Thread: Angelique

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    Knowing a lot of Dominiques and Moniques my age from my hometown, -que names have a somewhat hardened, streetwise image to me. It sounds like the sort of name that wants to be fancy, but isn't. In a way it's an interesting name - I would be cautious of messing an Angelique around.

    I find -line names generally fairly elegant. Angeline is quite pretty. And I like Angelica but it's frillier and Angeline is more smooth.

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    It's pretty, but I too prefer Angeline -- or better yet, Seraphina.
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    in all variations of the name i think of Jolie, whom after the Pitt/Aniston affair, i have no respect for.

    plus if you want it pronounced in French way, it never will be. your child will be correcting people everyday for the rest of her life. not worth it.

    fyi according to the pronunciations are slightly different, yours is kinda a smoosh between the two:

    English an-juh-leek & French ahn-zhey-leek
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