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Thread: Shiloh James

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    I think it is a great name and people don't really remember celebrity baby names.
    Glad to see your going for it
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    This reminds me of how the Jolie-Pitts have also ruined Pax. It was originally the name of a Roman goddess who embodied peace. But now people think it's a boy's name. *sigh* But back on topic, I love the name Shiloh for both sexes, and especially so for a boy. It doesn't matter the connotation. It seems like it's THE name for you guys, so go for it.

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    I'm sorry, but I dislike the name for either sexes. It does make me think of Angelina Jolie. To me, it and Maddox ties to them where Vivienne doesn't simply because they are more unknown. If you love it, however, then use it.

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    I had Shiloh on my list up to about ten minutes ago. However I had it listed for girls. I don't think it would work for a boy.
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    I absolutely adore Shiloh on a boy!

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