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Thread: Shiloh James

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    Shiloh James is wonderful! Personally I love Shiloh for a boy, plus everyone knows Shiloh the dog is a boy, so I doubt the gender thing will be an issue. And I don't think it has much link to the dog as much as it did when the book was still fresh. To me this is a unisex name, and Shiloh isn't too much of a stretch from Milo.

    I love Shiloh!

    A girl name that reminds me of Shiloh is Shoshana, and they're both Hebrew names. I love them both equally.
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    Shiloh Is fine for a boy. I prefer Shiloh John but James does work as well.

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    If you really like the name and it means something to you, you should use it. You shouldn't base your decision on how some celebrity named their kid and since Shiloh means something like "HE who is to be sent" I would not see a problem in using it for a boy. It's like going back to old traditions because Shiloh was actually a boys name after all (before Brangelina decided to use it for their girl).

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    I love Shiloh for a boy.

    I hate that celebrities taint names making them feel unusable.

    I've always wanted a boy called Paxton nn Pax but I don't feel I could use it now either. It's rather upsetting

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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. We've decided to go for it since we're both on the exact same page for once. This just feels right! And now we can continue arguing about the girl name.

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