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Thread: Shiloh James

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    Shiloh James

    Hi all!

    My husband and I are getting closer to the finish line with our boy names (we're not even close with the girls). We're down to two other names, but we've just added Shiloh into the running again.

    I've loved the name Shiloh for a boy since I was a little girl and read the book series about Shiloh. I read those books until they literally crumbled in my hands. Later, when I was in high school, I picked up the book Shiloh and Other Stories by Bobbie Ann Mason, a Kentuckian writer. It remains to this day my favorite book of short stories (and she's one of my favorite authors). Meanwhile, my husband used to work every summer in college with the National Park Service at Shiloh National Memorial Park while he was at Ole Miss. He remembers his time there really fondly. So the first name we talked about for a boy even before we got pregnant was Shiloh. But as much as we both loved the name, I basically told him it was unusable because of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. But he brought it up again today and said, "You know, I like these names, but I don't like any of them as much as Shiloh." And, honestly, I feel the same way. So I'm reconsidering.

    Regardless of whether you love or hate the name itself, is Shiloh irrevocably linked to a) celebrity nonsense and b) girls now, or could we pull it off? Middle name would be James or John (I'm leaning heavily toward James) and last name rhymes with Free-Boil

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    I absolutely love Shiloh - for a boy, and only for a boy. Celebrities come and go; I doubt this association will cause much, if any, trouble for your son. Shiloh is absolutely name a boy could make his own.
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    I like Shiloh more as a boys name.
    It isn't exactly my cup of tea, however I do remember the movie "Shiloh" and always assumed it was a boys name.
    If you love it that much... I'd say go for it, I truly believe in giving the thing you love most in the world a name that means that much to you.
    I truly do agree the Jolie-Pitts have tainted the name, but I still think it is a masculine and not a feminine name.
    What happened to the days of 'a' for girls and 'o' for boys.
    On the plus side Shiloh rhymes with Milo.

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    I agree with the pp. I love Shiloh 99% on a boy. That 1% of like on a girl is from Shilo from Repo! being a girl. I don't think it matters that the Jolie-Pitts have a daughter Shiloh. It doesn't matter. I like it way better on a boy. It sounds like a boys name, like Milo, Hugo etc. It's so handsome and the one man I know named Shiloh (Shiloh Larken) wears is very well.

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    Shiloh James is lovely

    I found Shiloh when I was little while thumbing through the Bible in church. I was devastated when Brangelina used it and I gave up on it too but Shiloh has been creeping it's way back onto my favorite list. To me Shiloh has always been unisex. From my experiences, upon sharing the name, most people think 'dog' long before they think 'girl' or 'Jolie-Pitt'

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