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    Name Apathy...2 weeks to go and need help!

    I'm due in 2 weeks and have become very bored with the names on my list. I'm looking for fresh ideas and inspiration, but don't want to make any rash decisions out of boredom for my current names. The middle name will be either Patrick or James (both family names).

    Original List:

    Declan (nn: Dex)
    Nathan (nn: Nate)
    Lucas (nn: Luke)

    I've come across 2 new names that I love but don't know if I actually LOVE them or if it's just out of boredom for my previous names. Opinions on these names would be appreciated!


    So what do you think of my names (old list and new)? Am I over thinking/has this happened to anybody else? Any advice, feedback, and inspiration would be greatly appreciated.

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    Out of these i would pick 1.Declan
    2. Ronan
    I don't like Nathan or Luco.. But i do like Luke

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    You've got great names here!

    My favorites:
    1. Declan James (I love the sound of Declan Patrick too, but that's a lot of Irish in one name and you might find it limiting when naming the next ones)
    2. Cedric James
    3. Nathan Patrick

    Do you want new names, feedback, encouragement, or a mixture of each?

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    Love Ronan! I also suggest Cabot (can't go wrong w/explorers).

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