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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Callum, but my husband hates it, so it's out for us. But I do love it, it's different without being too different and short and sweet.

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    I love:

    1) Lucas Patrick
    2) Cedric James
    3) Nathan Patrick
    4) Declan James

    But that's just me and even as I was typing this I changed my mind. You have great choices and I don't think you could possibly go wrong with any of them!

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    I love Callum (nn Cal).

    Ronan as well. How about variations with similar sounds? Calvin, Rowan. I'd prefer Dexter over Declan, plus its becoming trendy. I think of the jazz musician, Dexter Gordon, though, and not the TV character!

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    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions everyone! I know I'll just decide when I see him (hopefully I'll "just know,") but I still want a solid list that I'm happy with. I'm not too concerned with popularity, although the top 10 is out for me and I'm trying to stay away from trendy. Also last name starts with an "F" and ends in an "und" sound. More suggestions for names to add to the list and feedback would be appreciated!
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    I think Ronan and Callum are really unique and cool, but not "out there", as they feel like a new spin on Ronald and Calvin. Ronan and Callum sound great together as a sibling set and any boy would love to be named either of these.

    Ronan James and Callum Patrick would be the coolest brothers.
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