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    Wonderful list! Not too weird at all!!! The one I question is Warwick, which I personally just don't like the sound of much. Skyler and Jasper are a bit more common then the rest of your names, but that's ok, if you love them.
    My personal favourite: Leif. I love this name...
    My favourites with Griffyn and Azalia: Sterling or Peregrine. I actually like how Peregrine shares the 'n' ending with Griffyn and is longer/more syllables like Azalia. In my opinion it works.
    I also like:
    Leonardo, tho its maybe a bit much
    Casparo, this one is cool!
    Quillan and Stellan, but I also say these maybe match Griffyn too much with the 2 syllables ending in 'n'.
    Good luck!!
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    I love the name Leif! (I think that is what you meant anyway--Lief isn't a name). It is simple and strong and masculine, but also seems to fit a little boy quite well.

    I also like Peregrine, but prefer the nicknames "Pippin" or "Pip."

    And I like Stellan well enough. I don't think it sounds feminine despite its similarity to Stella.

    Good luck!
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    Congratulations! To go with your other children's names I really like Jasper, Sterling, or Leon.

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    [QUOTE=mvictorm;2032580]Mischa - you are right! I spelt Leif wrong. I wasn't trying to introduce a new spelling! Yeah family member said the same thing about Griffyn and the "en" sounding names being too similar. I am not sure what I think about the endings sounding the same. Too me it feels like they go more together, but its definitely something to consider.

    Regarding Peregrine - I love the name and since it's three-syllables, it's not as matchy with Griffyn as the other two-syllable names ending in "n" like Stellan. Besides, if you call him Perry most of the time, then it's a non-issue.
    All the best,

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