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    Top ten pics for boy's name - too weird or just right?

    Hi All,

    This is my first post though I read nameberry every day. I am expecting a baby in December so lots of time to consider. I have read I think every name there is at this point and now I need some advice about our top pics! I'm looking for a boy name, sibling to Griffyn and Azalia. DH and I like unusual names and are partial to nature, mythological and art/writing-related names. But we also don't want to stray into the super weird (or at least no weirder then the names we've already given DS and DD). We have ruled out all names that start with a G, A, M or H (our names start with those) or ones that we think sound too much like our kids names (eg. Griffyn and Finlay have too much "fin" in them). We thought we had a name all picked out but I told a family member my top pic and was told to go back to the drawing board (ouch).

    Here are my top pics in order of preference:

    1. Quillan (nn Quill)
    2. Peregrine (nn Penn)
    3. Sterling (too pretentious?)
    4. Skyler (too flavour of the month?)
    5. Casparo (could also go with Caspar but it reminds me of the ghost)
    6. Jasper (a friend of mine has a dog named Jasper so although I love the name am having trouble with the dog association)
    7. Warwick (I prefer the pronounciation war-wick)
    8. Leonardo, Leon or Lev (all versions of the same name, pretty common)
    9. Lief
    10. Stellan (does this sound too much like Stella, super popular and a girl's name?)

    Thanks all for your input!

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    The only one I don't like is Skyler I know way too many girls with the name.
    I LOVE Stellan and Peregrine.
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    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry.

    I think Sterling and Jasper are my favourites from your list. I like Warwick and I don't know how else anyone would pronounce it other than "war-wick". Schuyler is fine if it's spelled this way. You say you don't want names that "match" with your childrens but Peregrine, Quillan and Stellan all share an "n" ending with Griffyn so they're matchy to my ears as well. I prefer just Leo (a full name that can stand alone) to the other longer names. Lief is usually spelled Leif and I find Casparo odd.
    All the best,

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    Mischa - you are right! I spelt Leif wrong. I wasn't trying to introduce a new spelling! Yeah family member said the same thing about Griffyn and the "en" sounding names being too similar. I am not sure what I think about the endings sounding the same. Too me it feels like they go more together, but its definitely something to consider.

    Gummibear - I think you are right about Skyler being pretty girly these days (though I thought wast was more Skylar). I do also like Schuyler though.

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    The only one i like is Jasper.. Im not a fan of any of the rest.. How about Caspian...

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