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Thread: Djuna

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    I think Djuna goes great with Asher and Hazel (they're all five letters too!) and I love it. Even with the silent D. I think it's very feminine and nothing really comes to mind. You might also like Juno. I'm not a fan of Sybil.
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    Thanks for everyone's comments!

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    Djuna fits so well in this sibset! I think it's pretty perfect, really! I like Sibyl as well, it has an air of sophistication. Djuna has a playful sound, but I thought of Djuna Barnes right away and that namesake gives a sweet-sounding name a bit more heft. I also remember that Djuna was the name of a character in a Woody Allen movie. Not sure what the title was, but look into it, it's a cute film. Speaking of films, Sibyl has a bit of a bad reference that seems to have stuck with everyone in the 50+ age bracket. A TV movie about a woman with mental illness. I don't know if this matters to you, but I'm sure it could raise a few eyebrows of some middle aged Lifetime Movie fans!

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    I don't care for it-the silent D seems like it would be a constant issue. Simple Juna, June or Juno would be better (in my opinion.) I also like the idea of Sibyl with Asher and Hazel.

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    I think Djuna is a neat name. You (or your daughter for that matter) will have to deal with the constant silent "D" issue. I think it would go well with Asher and Hazel, but so does Sibyl.

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