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Thread: Djuna

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    We are having a baby girl in November but have yet to decided on a first name. We're pretty sure the middle name will be Violet. Until now, the closest we've come to an agreement on a name was Sibyl Violet but I think that ship has sailed...

    I love the name Djuna ("the D is silent") but my spouse is concerned that is sounds too "bohemian" for our taste. Our other two children have more conventional or popular names - Asher and Hazel.

    Any thoughts or advice regarding this name, e.g. what immediately comes to mind, do you consider it feminine, etc. Also, if you have any words of encouragement/discouragement as to the name Sibyl, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Honestly Django is the first thing that comes to mind... but I actually quite like Djuna.
    It's feminine and different.
    I like feminine/cutesy names so Sibyl isn't exactly my cup of tea (and this is just my opinion), but it is a familiar enough name so why not?

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    I don't think Djuna goes with Asher and Hazel. I love Sybil. And Violet, for that matter. Have you considered Violet as a first name? It's pretty perfect with your other kids.
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    Looks kind of made-up, I prefer the Juna spelling, which would fit better with siblings.

    As for Sibyl, it makes me think of Harry Potter character Sibyl Trelawney - a dreamy, odd tea-drinker with a fondness for cats.
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    I love Sibyl it goes quite well with Asher and Hazel. On the other hand I do not like Djuna I much prefer Juna to that and Juna also goes better with the siblings. Djuna also makes me think of marijuana have no idea why and Juna doesn't.
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