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    Elodie -a few questions

    What are everyone's thoughts on the name Elodie? Also, how do you pronounce it? Any middle name suggestions? I think I want something shorter, but a little spunky and unexpected, if that makes sense. For example, Elodie Wren came to mind, I think I really like that one! And lastly, do you know anyone with this name?

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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I named my car Elodie.

    I went through an early stage of thinking it was the stupidest name alive, and then I really liked it after seeing someone with the name on some TV show (Leverage, I think?). Then I got bored with it (and hated the thought that she'd be fated with the nn Ellie, which I honestly can't stand), and now I can appreciate it; I think it suits my car perfectly. I don't know that I'd use it, and I'm still scared off by Ellie, but I do think it's a pretty name. I think most Americans will say ell-oh-dee or ella-dee, but I think in French, the proper pronunciation is AY-loh-dee, because of the accent over the first "E". I call my car Liddy, but I think Ella, Lola, and Lottie are cute for it, too. My car's full name is Elodie Claire, which I really like. When it had been on my list for an actual little person, I had liked Elodie Jane. Both are family names for me (although I wasn't intentionally naming my car after family, hahaha). I think something like Elodie Victoria, Elodie Caroline, Elodie Charlotte, Elodie Primrose, Elodie Rosamund, Elodie Giselle, or Elodie Josephine would be lovely, too.
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    Firstly I absolutely LOVE the name Elodie Wren.
    I pronounce it Elle-oh-dee.
    I think the spunky middle name adds charm to it and kind of complements the cutesy-ness of Elodie as it does not go into too girly territory.

    I love the name Eloise... But Elodie Wren is cute and unexpected at the same time.
    If I can think of any short names like Wren I'll get back to you, but I do love this name.

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    Elodie Wren is adorable! Elodie is pronounced Ell-oh-dee, just so you know. I would keep Wren as the middle name, and I don't think you need any suggestions. Wren is perfect.
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