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    Opinion on the name Halo?

    Recently, I have been loving the name Halo, for a girl. I like girl names that end in "o" like Willow but Halo just seems so angelic and beautiful. My first daughter I plan on naming Harper, like an angel's harp so I thought maybe for a second daughter, Halo would sync well. Some people think of the game Halo, but I'm not into video games and if anything I believe people would think more about an actual halo than some video game when they see this name. What do you think about this name?
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    Halo is very unusual, but I like it, and I think Harper and Halo would make adorable sisters.
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    Names like Angela, Angeline and Angelique are common... so why not Halo?
    I will admit the video game connotation (i've dated a few gamers) kind of sullied the name for me at least.
    It's fine conceptually though.

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    I love it! Very beautiful! Harper & Halo sound nice together, but I personally wouldn't pair them together. Harper is a very popular unisex name, and Halo is uncommon and unusual. Maybe it's just me, but when I think of pairing names together, I like for them to have similar levels of popularity. I would hate for one child to have a super popular/common name, and for the other to have a super unusual one. Especially if they're the same gender.
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    I don't do video games, but I thought of that game when I read the post title. Halo does work with names like Harper, Haven, Heaven, why not Halo? The video game association & the angel theme isn't for me, but it works!

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