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    I like Leona.
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    I think I like Leona best but Liana works too. Definitely don't leave the H in there, and definitely don't move it to be Liahna, as it makes it look yewneek.
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    I much prefer the look of Liana to Liahna. I'm kind of confused as to how you want it to be pronounced. I would pronounce "lee-ON-uh" and "lee-AHN-uh" exactly the same way, and that's how I would say Liana. Leona/Leonah I would pronounce "lee-OWN-uh." Leona is pretty too.
    (I'm from the US if that helps with the pronunciation issues.)

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    I think I'm getting from this that the OP means her name is pronounced Lee-aw-nuh, but everyone thinks she means Lee-own-uh. In that case, I would go with Liana. Very pretty.
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    Phonetically, if you want 'lee-ON-a' then the spelling would be:

    Leonna or Lionna or Lyonna. The double n puts the stress on the 'on' sound like the difference between anna and ana (an-a and ah-na)

    I'd pronounce the others as follows:

    Liana: lee-AH-na
    Liahna: lee-AH-na
    Leona: lee-OWN-a
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