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    Question Making a "new" name out of Chandra...?

    So happy I stumbled upon this site and found that there are other name fanatics like me! Who better to pose this question/challenge to...

    So... CHANDRA. I love the sound and feel of it, but want to tweak it a little bit. I like Chauntra but it still doesn't seem "right". Any ideas on how else to change it around a bit without losing the charm of the original?

    If you have similar sounding/feeling suggestions rather than variations on the "base" name then those are welcome as well!

    Keep in mind, I'm a writer, not a mother, so this name isn't going to an actual human being... so if you have any ideas on how to morph it, add to it, etc, don't fear that they may be too "out there"!

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    Good luck!
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    Chandira came to mind; Chandani is a typical feminization of a typically unisex name.
    Anglo names with a similar sound could be Chandler or maybe Chandla.
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    This may be a stretch, but how about Calandra?
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    @namelover, I like Chantrea the best of these! They're all really pretty though, Chaya is calling to me too.

    @bibliophile, Chandira is beautiful. I think Chandla would remind me of Friends too much though, LOL

    @augusta_lee, Calandra is actually... really striking! It's different but still has the same feel as the original. Me likey.

    Got a lot of thinking to do! (Always open to more suggestions in the meantime)
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