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    Daniel Elliot Porter?


    I've been thinking today about my top boy name, Daniel Elliot. I have also be thinking that my surname Porter will run out when I get married. Unless my cousin Kathryn changes her surname to Porter-whateverherhusbandssurname there will be no more Porters and I think this is sad. I was wondering if maybe I could add Porter as a second middle name to Daniel Elliot.
    I don't know if Daniel Elliot Porter Whatever would be right.
    What do you think?
    Ellie xx
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    I think it sounds good, and I was in the same situation when I had my son last year (family name ending with me). I wanted to do 2 middles to include my last name, but I felt it would ultimately get lost. So I ended up going with the hyphenated last name for my son. I don't love hyphenated names, but our names sound good together and this way both families are represented.

    Anyway, I think Daniel Elliot Porter sounds nice!

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    I think adding your maiden name as a mn for a son is a really nice idea.
    My SO and his sister both have his mothers maiden-name as a mn and it's kinda cool.

    I would probably put Porter in second place -> Daniel Porter Elliot. It seems to have a nicer flow. the -el El- of Daniel Elliot feels a bit awkward to say and I can see the name turning into Danielliot.
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    I suggest using Daniel Elliot (though I prefer Elliot Daniel) and keeping your own name.
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