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    Can I use this name with my surname?

    I am expecting my second son in a few weeks and my husband and I have dramatically different taste in names. We both don't dislike the name Miles, which is huge for us! My only concern, despite people being unable to use the plural form, is how it goes with our surname "Watts". Can I have a first name and last name be one syllable and end in "s"? I would use a longer middle name, such as Alexander, to offset the short first and last name. Any input would be appreciated - Miles Alexander Watts? (Our first son's name is Dylan). Thanks!

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    My first son is named Miles, so I'm rather biases towards it I suppose. Our last name also ends in "s" and hasn't been a problem.
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    I love Miles! I do however think there is too much S. What about Marcus? Because there's another syllable it doesn't sound as bad.
    Good luck!
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    I think there are two issues with Miles Watts: both names end in -s, and both names are only one syllable (I know you said you'd use a longer middle, but they rarely get used out and about).

    However, neither are those things are gigantic problems, so if Miles is the one name that you and your husband can agree on, I'd say go for it!

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    Milo Watts would be much better. Miles Watts is too abrupt and lispy for my comfort level. Milo is the original Latin form of the name (not just a nn for Miles as most people believe).
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