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    Elsa May and Nola May are fantastic! I think Nola is adorable for a little girl and strong with just a touch of whimsy for a woman Elsa is beautiful and, as was aforementioned, Elsie is so cute! And loved ones are not the best helpers at all. My family got a hold of my phone, where all of my name lists are, and they made a Saturday night out of laughing hysterically at nearly all of them. Margo has been an absolute favorite of mine, along with many others similar in style to Margo, and they HATED it! so I know how you feel,
    I'm Lacey Mommy to Aidan William, 20 months.
    I love names, animals, and spending time backpacking and camping and really anything to do with the outdoors!

    Planning for TTC our next baby this year!!

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    Love Nola! Nola May. Elsa I like also. Elsa Ann works as does Elsa May.

    You could use both MN because they are one-syllable-ed and short - Elsa May Ann. Or Elsa Ann May.

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    I like Elsa and Nola best. Other old fashioned names....Alice and Violet

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    Here are a few older names I like:
    Magnolia (nn: Nolie or Maggie)
    So very excited to be expecting our 1st Baby August 3rd Boy: Knox Girl: Avery

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    Of your choices, I like Nola and Elsa best--both are sweet with May as a mn.

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