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    I like most of them...

    *Katia - I have a huge love for these short, -ia names. I considered Lydia, Nadia, Hania, Sylvia, Thalia, Claudia and Tania. Katia is definately lovely and I much prefer this spelling to Katya. It's a pretty strong choice and one of my favs from your list.
    *Marina - I like this name a lot, but am put off by the in-your-face water reference. Marnie is adorable, but getting popular. I would use it as a nickname for Marina though. Cute. I prefer Katia to this though.
    *Miriam (Mim) - This is on our list. I like Min names better... which is what is holding me back. This is my fav from your list and I will always like this name.
    *Marisol - a pretty name. It screams Spainish though. I am not a huge fan, as I prefer other Maria-combos (like Maricel, Marigrazia, Marinella etc)
    *Midori - never really heard of this in person, but I guess it means green? Not a bad choice, but there are so many pretty Japanese names out there that could be an alternative, Mayumi is one of my fav names... and is used more in the Philippines.
    *Mariasha- a bit of a mouthful for me.... but still unexpectedly pretty. I think I would use Asha as a nn for this. Have you considered the full name Asra?
    Agnola- there is a town near me with this name... known for it's one McDonalds and nothing else. For that reason I find it unappealing as a name.
    Una- Ha! I see your dilemma with the numbers. This is easily resolved by choosing Oona instead.

    Solomon - good name. I often wonder why these regal and historically impressive names are never used anymore. Though, I honestly like Saul a little better simply bc it is shorter.
    Axel- I agree with the popularity issue. And, to make things worse... Axelle for girls is entering the scene. I might look elsewhere than this. Acer or Ash migh make a good alternative.
    Titus - great name. I love it.
    Magnus - Hmm. It is definately a strong, sophisticated name. It's a but too much for me, but I am sure the right kid could pull it off.
    Zeno - Sorry, this is not my style or preference. Try Zimri, Zion, Zadok, Zubal or Zebedee if you like the z-sound.
    Attis - Hmm... I don't know. It seems like a mix between the word Attic and the name Atticus. I guess I prefer Atticus... though if I met a kid names Attis I would probably think that was cool.

    hope that helped! Not a professional, just pregnant and opinionated!

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    Marina and Magnus are my favorites. Love them with Katia too!
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    Thanks for all the replies!
    To clarify (realised that post wasn't the clearest) Katia is my three year old, not on the list.

    Glad that Titus/Magnus/Solomon have got some love for the boys. Magnus is DH's favoured choice, but I can't quite see it on a baby/little boy. Seems a little too heavy.
    Solomon is my pick, probably..the only negative of Solomon is that the only people we've mentioned it to said it reminded them of 'solemn'. Can get past that though..not even a terrible word association!

    Hermione_vader- the opinion on which name goes best with Katia's was great. could you describe what it is that makes Marina/Marisol a better fit with Katia? I have trouble categorising her name- I think I'm so used to it that I can't hear it objectively anymore.
    Is Miriam a bad fit? Would you hear it and think the names were 'off' with eachother? Genuinely want honest opinions!

    meryl- I know a little girl named Mim (distantly) and fell in love with it as a nickname. Double bonus that I love Miriam too. Ina is intriguing, but I think not for me.

    hanbow- I wasn't a big fan of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'- liked it but not a special book for me. And I feel Atticus is still pretty tethered to that book, for me. It is gorgeous though. I like Mariel (I think). Will see if it grows on me, it takes me a while to see if I really like a name.

    joiya- thanks for such a detailed reply. Is Marnie getting popular? Uh oh, had no idea. Do you know where to find naming stats for the UK beyond the top 100? Might well be the Lily Allen effect, I bet.
    Glad you like Miriam- would be really curious to see your list!
    Are you expecting a girl, or a surprise?
    Did you mean 'did you consider the full name Asha'. If so, yes we have, and I really love it. Mariasha is a new addition, to be honest. I had just never heard it, and had a snap good reaction (which rarely happens to me).
    I like the spelling Oona but worry it might be more teasable because of the unusual 'OO'. Maybe being hyper-conscious here??
    With Solomon, I kinda like the length. Not such a fan of Saul. I am so with you though, I have no idea why you hear Solomon so rarely.
    Attis/Attic for some reason I didn't hear at all until you pointed that out. It bothered my slightly which may well be a sign that this isn't the right name...if I'd felt touchy and defensive it would be a different story. Haa.

    Thanks again to everyone who replied. Any more comments are v welcome

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    With Katia, I love Marina and Miriam--and I'm a sucker for Miriam any day. I adore a pp's suggestion of Mariel, but I think Miriam is my favorite for you. I met (and adored) Katias and Miriams in the same circles growing up, so they really fit to me.

    Solomon and Magnus are so great! I think Solomon has the win in my book, but both are too cool. I know a thirty-year-old hipster Magnus who gives me a good association with the name.

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    I would categorize Katia as "European classic" and like it best with Marina and Miriam. Marina definitely fits into the European classic style and I think it's the 3 syllable, recognizable, but not too common aspect of Miriam and Marisol that makes these workable as well. Other than Una, the other names seem a little more unusual so I probably wouldn't use them with Katia. Una works okay, I just think Marina, Miriam, and Marisol are better.

    Solomon, Magnus, and Titus are my favorite boys names for you. These definitely have a classic feel.

    Some other possibilities:

    Katia and



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