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    comments on our list- looking for offbeat name for #2

    Hello. My partner and I are expecting a second child together. Our taste is reasonably in line- I'm a little more adventurous.
    We have fairly mixed European heritage, but live in the UK.

    Katia's name my husband loved from the start, but it grew on me over a few months. I think that's what I look for in a name- something which will become more intriguing the more you hear it.

    Our list so far goes something like:

    Marina (maybe Marnie, which I love)
    Miriam (Mim)
    Mariasha- This one is a little more frilly than I'd usually like, but I'm a little in love with it.
    Agnola- Pronunciation at school was our first issue here. Hate the idea of her having to dread the day the supply teacher takes the register! But we thought we could give her 'Nola' for school if it was ever a worry.
    Una- Only qualm being that she is not number one but number two!

    Solomon (Solly)
    Axel- Our favourite but so popular in the US, and we suspect also becoming much more so in the UK. Which doesn't rule it out but kinda makes me a little less excited

    Any impressions/opinions on these are welcome- plus any suggestions, too.

    Thanks to any posters in advance. We appreciate any help!

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    I like Marisol a lot! The other girl names are NMS. Midori makes me think of the booze.

    I like Solomon and Magnus the most from your boy list, and I think they would both go well with your daughter's name.

    Good luck!

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    Marina or Marisol might pair best with Katia, though Miriam is also very sweet.

    For boys, Axel and Magnus are my favorites from your list, though Magnus might pair better with Katia.

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    Love Katia! What about Ina instead of una? I like the idea of Mim and Marnie very cute.

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    I love the nn Mim or Mimmie but Mariel is my favourite name of that sound, although I do like Miriam. Nola is so cute, I love it so I would name her Agnola. It isn't too hard to say and you've got a plan so that's all good.

    I know what you mean about Axel in the UK but Atlas is becoming more popular. I would like to suggest Atticus! I think it is divine!

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