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    Name my Latina baby

    I absolutely adore the name Zoe. The "life" meaning has deep spiritual significance for me. I honestly cannot picture myself without a daughter named Zoe. I am aware of how hugely popular it is, and how that popularity skyrockets when you combine the various spellings, but in my itty bitty state there were 30 Zoes born last year which averages to less than one per school district, so I am really not worried about it.

    My dilemma is pairing Zoe with a middle name. My surname begins and ends with A and is three syllables. I really need a name that can be pronounced in Spanish without sounding weird. Most names that sound good in Spanish end in A and with my A-heavy last name, it doesn't work. I tried to get over it, but most of the names that end in A that I liked just smooshed right into my last name.

    My husband really likes Elizabeth. He really loves the meaning, and it is Biblical. He just told me that he really would like to have a Biblical name in any future kiddos names. Elizabeth meets all of those requirements. The 2-4-3 flow is pretty. We both say Elizabeth more like uh-liz-uh-beth so the two Es together isn't really an issue. I don't care about popularity, obviously, but Zoe Elizabeth just seems so boring.

    I don't really like any of Elizabeth's other variations, and Isabel is out as it is a very good friend's daughter's name.

    Other names I like but have been rejected by the hubs/ in use by children we know

    Alice- sounds weird in Spanish anyway
    Most French variations as he says they sound "incomplete" i.e Vivienne vs Viviana

    Should I just accept Elizabeth as a compromise, as Zoe is not exactly his favorite?
    Any suggestions?

    No babies yet, but hopefully soon. Sorry for the novel.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    I think Zoe Elizabeth is very pretty!

    I don't speak Spanish, but I've tried them out in Italian (Husband thinks I'm crazy, I've been sitting muttering various Zoe combos to myself) so hopefully they're not terrible:
    Zoe Dolores
    Zoe Estelle
    Zoe Esteri
    Zoe Estinne
    Zoe Giselle
    Zoe Ines
    Zoe Leonor
    Zoe Leyre
    Zoe Pilar
    Zoe Rocio
    Zoe Salome
    Zoe Tamar
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    l know that you stated that you don't care for other variations of Elizabeth, but some of them are very lovely with Zoe. Take for example:

    Zoe Eliza
    Zoe Elise
    Zoe Eliska
    Zoe Isabetta / Zoe Elisabetta
    Zoe Elisheva
    Zoe Elspeth

    Also, what about?

    Zoe Liliana
    Zoe Delfina
    Zoe Angeline / Zoe Angelina / Zoe Angelica
    Zoe Gabriella
    Zoe Penelope
    Zoe Valentina
    Zoe Miriam
    Zoe Leonor / Zoe Leonore / Zoe Leonora
    Zoe Antonia
    Zoe Cecilia
    Zoe Zenaida
    Zoe Inez / Zoe Ines

    Good Luck
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    I really love Zoe Elizabeth! It is absolutely stunning, and with such a beautiful meaning too boot!! It seems to me to be the perfect compromise... Elizabeth is such a gorgeous name, and sure while you may hear it often, it is not boring by any means, in my book!
    Of your list I like:
    Zoe Caroline & Zoe Eleanor
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    I love the name Zoe! It's always first on my list. Too bad other people feel the same way : ) You could always try Elizaveta to substitute Elizabeth, even if it is Polish. Here are some more middles:

    Leire (I second it, with this spelling)
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    Marguerite Ophélie Elisabet Valentina Catherine Xochitl Aliénor Francesca
    Meg Sabet Cato Léu . . . . . .
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