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    39 weeks and still no name!

    We have been going around in circles over the following 3 names
    Adeline- hubby #1pick but it seems a little old
    Addison- our first choice but we felt it was to close to our daughter Allison name
    Avery- my #1choice but hubby thinks its to trendy.
    We already have a Son named Austin and a daughter named Allison (who may end up having to share her first b-day with her sister)
    Help please

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    Addison & Allison are definitely way too close; only two letter separate them, and they rhyme almost exactly. Both Adeline and Avery are extremely trendy, but it seems like you want to continue with the A trend.

    I recommend: Amabel, Arabelle/Arabella, Adele, Annette, Audrey, Amelia, Aurora, Aisling (Ashlin), Aurelia, Annika, Annabeth, Anneliese, Avril.
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    Adeline is cute. Sometimes I say it though, and I hear, "out of line." Just a thought.

    I love Addison, it is really close to Allison, but if you dont mind, I dont see why it matters.

    Your husband is right about the trendiness of Avery. Its a pretty name though. If you love it, Id go for it. It is unisex. Ive known a few boys named Avery.

    I dont think you can really go wrong with any of your choices. Theyre all nice.

    Some suggestions if your unsure:
    Aveline (ava-leen)

    Adelaide is really close to Adeline and Addison. Maybe you'll like it? I also love Adele, Adalia, and Adelia.
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    Adeline is perfect! It isn't remotely too old. I actually hear it every now and then. I think Addison is way too trendy. I do like Avery, but Adeline would be my pick.

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    I think that out of your choices Adeline seems the best! It flows and fits in well with your sibset. I also like Aisling, Aubrey, Adelaide and Amberley.

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