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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    Hmmm, I like the name Callum the best, but Landon James flows better.
    Same! ....................

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    When I was in junior high I had a teacher who's husband was named Landon. He was super handsome! So I've always had a positive connection to that name, lol.

    My vote is for Landon!
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    I know one boy named Mackenzie, but it seems so girly to me. I vote for Callum James
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanbow View Post
    No worries! I personally think that Mackenzie fulfils what you want and if you love it then go for it! It is by no means a horrible name and your spelling of it helps to keep it on the classier side so I didn't mean to worry you about that!
    Good luck and keep me posted!
    Thank you! haha my fiance+I are very indecisive, so while we're talking about kids, and starting to try, we want to plan out kids names now Mackenzie seems to be the winner, and luckily, our families like it as well Don't worry about it, haha! It's interesting how McKenzie's more popular, but that seems way too surname-y for me. It's like Mackenna/McKenna/Makenna, Makenna looks too made up, McKenna's too much of a surname, but Mackenna seems to be more balanced. (Love the sound of this name, but could never bring myself to use it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by justanamelover View Post
    Callum <3 Callum Pitts is adorable.
    2nd would be Mackenzie. In the States it not just "sometimes used on girls," it's rarely ever used on boys. But it's cute with the nicknames Mack & Ken.
    I totally agree! Love Callum, but again, I've never been to the UK before.... so your knowledge would be better suited than mine!

    "+ my fiancé LOVES overused names, most aren't horrible names, they're usually quite nice, but used so often, and with me working with children, I've learned to quickly hate anything too popular, because you end up saying it a thousand times in a day (lost count of the Ava's, Lily's and Olivia's)."

    And I've certainly been there! Husband always goes for the uber-popular names while I've worked with more children than him, and I almost can't stand the names Olivia, Ava, Sophie/Sophia, Isabelle/Isabella anymore. It's crazy how much they're used! Good thing the little girls with those names are always so darling; their personality certainly makes up for my "unlike" of their name (well, technically, I like the names just as much as everyone else, but they are just too overdone)!
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