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    25 37.31%
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    42 62.69%
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    I like both names but my preference is Gabriel. It's one of those "softer" boys names that appeal to me and I love the archangel connection with the name. I also like the fact that its versatility allows it to crossover cultures and races. Gideon is certainly less popular but it has a different vibe. It has more of a country and western twang to it (giddy-up!) and would probably blend into all of the other names that end in "n".
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    I strongly prefer Gideon. It has a much stronger, masculine feel to me than Gabriel.
    I find it's slightly awkward sound very appealing in comparison to the more sing-songy Gabriel.
    I also really like nn's Gid or Eon over Gabe.
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    I voted for Gideon. Both are fine names, I just have a strong dislike for the name Gabriel/Gabrielle/Gabriella. I don't know what it is, I just don't like the sound of it.
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    I've had this conversation with my husband.... we both love the story of the Biblical Gideon, and when I hear it, I LOVE it-- but as a name, I definitely prefer Gabriel over Gideon. It seems more approachable somehow. I think we'll end up using Gabriel as a first name, and perhaps Gideon as a middle.

    I think I've only met/know of one Gideon in my entire lifetime (other than Biblical). It created a great conversation of Christian witness between his mom and I that we certainly would not have had otherwise. So in that way I can clearly see it's value. I can honestly say that if a person uses Gideon, there are so few in the world that you'd pretty much know his namesake was Biblical. I find it awkward that taiki_bansei knows a girl named Gideon.... probably the same people who'd name their daughter Genesis.
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    I love the name Gabe. I've only known a few, but they were always awesome people. One is a dear friend of mine & in my age group it was such a unique name. I prefer the name Gideon over Gabriel though as it feels stronger. I dislike the lack of nickname, but if it's Gabriel vs Gideon, Gideon gets my vote!

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