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    I love Augusta Jane! I've only known one girl with the name Augusta and she went by Gus-- I thought it was cute. I also like the suggestions of Auggie & Gussy.

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    All of my favorite names! I have a Caroline (a family name) and Augusta is a family name that has been handed down through the generations. Once as a first name, and used often as a middle name in our family. Jane is a name I also love, and hope one of my daughter's will use it. We also have the name Susannah used often in our family.

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    I'm going to be the minority vote here and say Augusta Jane is not my favorite. Without the Caroline it feels incomplete. Caroline gives it a regal feel. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you all! Just spoke with hubby, about it.. He still loves Caroline Augusta Jane so she stays. he said in his mind baby girl is his " Swet Caroline" lol! What is it with men and that song?

    @lo - do not even start with Susannah, LOL!! I do still love Susannah, but hubby has said absolutely no more S names, and we was never a big Susannah fan, so I have had to let her go, for now....
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    Oh my gosh, I LOVE Augusta! I think it's lovely! About 10 years ago, I coached a little girl named Augusta and it really took me by surprise. Unexpected name, but still very recognized. Awesome!

    I think Augusta Jane is very sweet, and so is Caroline Augusta Jane.
    I personally wouldn't go with a nickname for Augusta, none of the short forms appeal to me half as much as Augusta in full.
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