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    I like the nickname 'Asta'. For me it calls to mind this painting (portrait of Princess Augusta, 1768-1840). I don't know... While a grand old name, and gorgeous on paper, I'm afraid it's one I want to like more than I really do.

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    Yes, I get that! I love the sound and feel of Augusta... but I do have a much easier time envisioning a little girl named Caroline as the first name than Augusta....
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    I like it! It's unique and pretty. I honestly prefer it and August on a girl, and have never been fond of August and Augustus on boys.

    My first thought for a nn was Austa. But even Gus would be a fun one if she could pull it off.
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    Augusta is one of those names that's lovely to say but I don't think I'd pick it for my own name. It seems so serious.

    I keep waiting for you to revisit Susannah.
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    I like Augusta - but I don't love it like I love Caroline! How about a double name: Jane Augusta?

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