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    Dystopian Names?!

    I'm currently writing a dystopian/post-apocolyptic novel about a girl who lives in a world where a huge disease has either killed or infected almost everyone. The government has taken precautions to secure quarantine zones were the uninfected can live without fear, but then the girl gets kicked out from one of these quarantine zones into the wild. She meets a guy (obviously) and together they uncover some secret government conspiracy (obviously).
    All I need now are a FMC name and a MMC name.

    FMC: I currently have her name as Lily, except no. 1 I don't think it suits her much and no. 2 I want her to have a cool nickname. She is pretty tough but still sort of naive. She is brave, smart and values and is loyal to her family/friends. I'm kind of basing her on Beatrice/Tris Prior from Divergent, but mainly because of the name. I want her to have a fairly normal name from nowadays (Like Beatrice) that can have a cool nickname (Like Tris). I was thinking Ari from either Aria or Ariana, but then I'm worried people will just associate her with Aria from Pretty Little Liars or Ariana Grande.

    MMC: The only idea I have at the moment for his name is Felix, but it doesn't suit him much. He is tough and is afraid of letting anyone close to him because he's lost so much. He is fairly masculine, but still has that slightly gentle side. His name should be something fairly dystopian because something happened in his past where he wanted a fresh start and stuff, so he chose a new name.

    ANYWAY, I've been looking for names for these characters forever; that's how I found this website (which is amazing). I also wouldn't mind some other sort of dystopian nicknames that suit peoples personalities like Rat or Stick and things. ALL SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPREACIATED!!!!!!!!!!

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    FMC: Hmm, I once had a Christina nn Ristie in a dystopian. I'm assuming this is what you're looking for. Here some ideas:
    Elizabeth - Lilibet (you can incorporate Lily here), Elspeth, Lizbeth, Liza
    Ariadne - Ari, Ria (just as an alternative to Aria/Ariana)
    Eleanor - Lenore
    Genevieve - Neva, Neve, Vive, Viva
    Virginia - Ginny, Via
    Cecilia - Cilia (sill-ee-uh)
    Valeria/Valerie - Valer (like Valor, which means bravery), Ria, Vale
    Margaret/Marguerite - Margo, Garet, Guer (like "guerre": war in Spanish), Rita
    Claudia - Clau (prn. claw)
    Mary - Mare
    Celeste, Celestine - Lestor, Lest
    Sylvia - Sylvie, Syl, Silver
    Marcelle/Marcella - Mace

    MMC: Abraham nn Abe, Cain, Anton, Milo, Oliver, Vincent, Ben, Lucas, Simeon, Carver
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    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    How about.

    Francesca- Chess
    Coralie- Cora
    Astrid- Trid
    Titania- Tie, Tania
    Sarabeth- Sara, Beth
    Twilight- Twyla or Twyla-Twy
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    history enthusiast

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    I still want to have my FMC nn as Ari/Ria, but I'm not sure about Ariadne? I like all your MMC names, but I've grown attatched to Felix and I'm starting to imagine him as a Felix. But thanks for the suggestions. Also I really liked Carver and I might use it for another character.
    And as for the all the other names suggested I liked Astrid and I think I'll use that. I could still use some more nn for the other chracters, like Rat, Stick, Zip... you get the idea. Thank you for your suggestions!!!

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    Hmm, names that can nn to Ari or Ria:

    Ariel/Arielle/Ariella NN Ari
    Maria/Marina/Marianne/Marianna nn Ari or Ria
    Rianna/Rhianne/Rhiannon nn Ria
    Victoria nn Ria
    Caroline nn Aro (close to Ari)
    Harriet nn Arri (or even Ria but it's a bit more of a stretch)
    Valerie nn Ria
    Hilary nn Ria - in fact any name ending in the -rie sound could nn Ria - Mallory, Eleri etc.

    And for what it's worth, the name Ari wouldn't bother me. I don't watch Pretty Little Liars and have no idea who Ariana Grande is, but I don't think it's too close to either unless your character is very similar in terms of looks or personality to either of the others.

    And Felix means 'lucky', so it could be that he chose his new name ironically because his life had been full of bad luck in the past - guessing the plot from the line where you say he lost so much, anyway.

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